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Umarex USA Zombie Hunter Gel Target

Umarex USA Zombie Hunter Gel Target

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Condition: New

UPC: 723364780370

Manufacturer Part Number: 2278037

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This Combat Zone Gel Target, by Umarex, is great for perfecting your accuracy with an airsoft gun. The sticky gel target pad is strong enough to hold the BBs in place after impact, allowing you to gauge your accuracy. This can also be especially useful if you are trying to "zero" an optic, or test your airsoft guns groupings. With a sticky target pad and a lower BB collection tray, you wont have to worry about cleaning up all of your BBs after you shoot! The surface of the target is made of a porous, silicone overlay with a foam underlay for the target display. The highly visible target can be clearly seen from over 100 feet away!

One of the best ways to become a better airsoft player is to constantly practice firing your airsoft gun. This Combat Zone Gel Target will let you track your shots, and makes clean-up a breeze!


- Width: 6"
- Height: 6"
- Weight: 7oz