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Caldwell Magnum Dual Spinner

Caldwell Magnum Dual Spinner

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The Dual Spinner is constructed with premium AR-550 steel targets for uncompromising durability. Both targets are coupled around a hardened steel shaft allowing them to swing with bullet impact. With multiple hits the target can be set into a spinning motion. This target is a lot of fun to shoot with semi auto rifles like an AR-15. Its great practice for target acquisition, timing, trigger control and recovery from recoil. Comes complete with free standing frame, horizontal shaft, upper and lower target plates and ground stakes. Target diameter: 4" and 6". It is designed to be shot at a minimum distance of 100 yards, for maximum life expectancy IMPACT velocities of 3,000 fps or below and IMPACT energies of 3,100 ft lbs or less are recommended.


- Targets are constructed of industrial grade AR-550 steel
- Complete with frame, shaft, two targets and ground stakes
- Great target for semi auto rifles


- Frame: 38" wide x 33" tall
- Target: 4" top and 6" bottom

UPC: 661120097136

Manufacturer Part Number: 309713

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