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Lockdown External 10" Hanger

Lockdown External 10" Hanger

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The Strong External 10" Hanger is the perfect solution for adding storage capacity to the outside of your gun vault. It works great for hanging empty gun cases, holster belts, cleaning rods or other miscellaneous items. It mounts securely to the outside of any vault with high strength vinyl coated magnets that completely protect the vault finish from scratches. Four separate hooks can securely hold up to 30 pounds total. At 10" in width most vaults can accommodate multiple hangers for even more storage capacity. Heavy Duty powder coated steel construction provides maximum durability.


- Perfect for adding storage to the exterior of a vault
- Organizes miscellaneous items that dont fit inside the vault
- Holds up to 30 pounds
- Integrated vinyl coated magnets for no hassle installation

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