Open Country Dehydrator 530W Digital, Square

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Introducing the Open Country Square Dehydrator (& Jerky Maker). This dehydrators innovative design features 6 trays, 6 mesh screens, 2 expansion trays and 530 watts of drying power, generates maximum speed and quality for dehydrating fruits, vegetables, beef jerky, and venison jerky or crafts in hours instead of days. The large digital dials and LED display make it easy to adjust time and temperature. This dehydrator has an Auto Off feature and allows even drying at the proper temperatures which can be between 95-160? F to preserve taste and color.


- Square Shape Food Dehydrator
- 530 Watts Power
- Large Digital Dials
- Easy Time & Temperature Adjustment
- Time Control - Turn to set Time in hours (1-24 hours). Time will countdown from desired setting.
- Adjustable Thermostat
- Allows Drying at Proper Temperatures (95-160? F)
- Auto Off
- 6 Trays
- 6 Mesh Screens
- 2 Expander Trays for taller foods or crafts