511 Tactical Select Carry Sling Pack 58603-018-1 SZ

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58603-018-1 SZ
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Color: Charcoal

An ideal choice for covert op fire support, the Select Carry Sling Pack is built to securely and covertly store a submachine gun or similar collapsible stock short arm while remaining inconspicuous. A detachable front pouch doubles as a fanny pack, and provides enough space for a backup sidearm, knife, and additional magazines. Additional features include integrated Hot-Pull tabs to ensure rapid and precise weapon deployment, a rugged haul handle and breakaway strap for secure and flexible carry options, and an internal hydration bladder and water bottle pocket. The front panel and interior are MOLLE, SlickStick System, and Backup Belt System compatible, allowing complete customization of your tactical kit.

¢Covert, Secure, and versatile sling pack

¢ Sized for a sub machinegun

¢ MOLLE, SlickStick, and Backup Belt compatible

¢ Detachable pistol pouch

¢ Hot-Pull tabs ensure reliable deployment

¢ Hydration bladder and water bottle pocket

¢ Rugged 1050D nylon

¢ 600mm storage length

¢ hook and loop fastener patch panels for your ID

¢ Rugged haul handle

¢ Quick-release breakaway strap

¢ Padded aerospace mesh backing for comfort