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Lyman 2500 Pro Magnum Tumbler 115V

Lyman 2500 Pro Magnum Tumbler 115V

  • $97.38

UPC: 011516816924
MPN: 7631692

Product Description:

Lymans Pro Magnum Tumbler 115 volt is designed for the high volume reloader, and high volume reloaders are always looking for value. The two gallon capacity bowl is engineered to deliver powerful cleaning action even at full capacity. Handling up to 900 .38 Special cases at a time, the heavy-duty motor and advanced drive system deliver fast cleaning and long life.


- Gives "Factory Brass" finish
- Heavy duty, thermally protected motor
- Quiet running
- Two-gallon capacity bowl
- Over twice the capacity of the Pro 1200
- Cleans up to 900 .38 Special cases per cycle


- Weight: 13 lbs.

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