Things to Look for in AR-15 Handguards and KeyMod Rail Covers

Jul 8th 2019

Things to Look for in AR-15 Handguards and KeyMod Rail Covers

There are some people who love the release of firing a rifle for sport or recreation. It can be a very freeing experience. For avid gunmen and outdoorsmen, you want to have the right accessories for your gun that make your experience that much better.

Choosing the right handguards and rail covers can make a big difference in how you shoot and how everything feels in your hands when you shoot. Today, we will look at some qualities that you should look for in handguards and rail covers, a brand to take a closer look at, and why you should choose White Knight Supply for all of your outdoor needs.

Comfort - Holding the rails directly when shooting can be very uncomfortable. The rails can be sharp on your hands and they can overheat with prolonged shooting. Comfort can be especially important when shooting because it allows you to keep your focus and maintain a solid grip. Without the protection of rail covers, you could seriously hurt your hands from the action of shooting or from simply running your fingers along the rails. Your own health and safety are most important, so protect that with the right rail covers.

Better Shot - If you are comfortable, then you are able to keep your hands steady and secure on the rifle and make better shots. Handguards and rail covers can be designed to help you improve your shot accuracy or the speed with which you can release shots. It may not be your primary reason for buying rail covers, but you can make your shot better in the process, and who doesn’t want that. Many rails also serve as an attachment for mounts that can help you get better with your shot, so the added protection and grip can be a benefit as well.

Protect the Rails - Perhaps the most important reason to get rail covers is to protect the rails on the rifle. If the rails get damaged, it can prevent you from attaching mounts and that can change the way you shoot. Keeping your rails protected can save you a lot of trouble down the road, especially if you like the feel of your gun already and don’t want anything to happen to the structure. If you really value your rifle, you definitely want handguards and rail covers to be a protector.

At White Knight Supply, we have many different brands of rail covers, like the Ergo  Keymod rail covers that can help keep your rifle protected for the long haul. With Keymod rail covers you get all of the above. You keep your hands protected from the heat that can come from quick shooting and avoid any damage to your hands from running your fingers over the rails. You get to work on your shot without feeling anything in your hands from the rail system, allowing you to eventually work your way to a better and more accurate shot. You also get the protection you need so your guy stays as good as new for months and years to come.

There are also other brands of rail covers you can choose from like BlackHawk, HEXMAG and NcStar all available in stock and at great prices so you get keep your rifle protected from damage for a low cost.

In addition to the great prices, we strive to provide an easy buying experience for you as the customer. The outdoors is about relaxation, so whether you are buying accessories for your rifle or simply buying some usual hunting or fishing gear, we don’t want you to stress about the products you are getting. We want you to get the right product right away and get it quickly. We offer free and fast shipping, with most of our orders being shipped within one business day so you have your products and accessories in hand as soon as possible and in time for your next outing.

When you get a product with White Knight Supply, we hope you are so impressed with the low prices and quality service that you choose us for everything you need for outdoor sporting. If you purchased Keymod rail covers for your rifle, liked them a lot, and were pleased with the service, you can come back to us and choose to get your fishing gear or hunting accessories from us too.

As always, if there are any questions about the products we offer or how to use anything you buy from us, simply send us an email at and we will be happy to help you so you can go back to the things you really enjoy, being outdoors and using your rifle or going fishing or planning that special hunting trip.

So start browsing the items we have in stock and make your outdoor experience better with every purchase.