How A Fail Zero Bolt Carrier Group Can Benefit Your Rifle Build

Oct 1st 2019

How A Fail Zero Bolt Carrier Group Can Benefit Your Rifle Build

Building, simply even customizing, a sporting rifle is a highly involved and very rewarding process. Between upper receivers and lower receivers, there is a world of components that can be investigated to manipulate the function and ergonomics of a rifle. Whether a component is accessorial in nature, like the rails and optics many include for the intended uses of their rifles, or is strictly functional, such as the choice of barrel or stock, the finished rifle will be a piece of pride and admiration to its creator, similarly to a handmade rod to a fisherman. One of the most critical components of a sporting rifle and perhaps one of those that garners the least glory is the bolt carrier group. Telescoping stocks and multi-position bipods may be really cool, but no gun absolutely needs them to operate. A sporter without a bolt carrier group is a museum replica and not a tool.

Therefore, when you’re building out an AR platform from the ground up or even if you’re simply making a few alterations for a customized rifle, selecting a dependable bolt carrier group that manifests high quality across the spectrum is essential for efficacy and longevity. A quality bolt carrier group will need not only to stand up to the stresses of heavy firing under adverse conditions, but it will need to last through many sessions, seasons and competitions. Your bolt carrier group is not only responsible for loading, extracting and ejecting every cartridge that goes through the action of your rifle. That alone makes it a component that could be rightly and fairly called one of the most critical, if not the most critical part of the gun to its functionality. It needs to withstand a high range of temperatures from the frigid outdoors of midwinter to searing periods of rapid-fire. It needs to maintain a high degree of dry lubrication while being able to stand up to the abrasion of dust, sand, and fouling. It also needs to have the right levels of hardness and tensile strength to continue to deliver reliably under the fierce stresses of heavy use.

When you’re shopping for a bolt carrier group or only need one as a duplicate as insurance on the front of necessary redundancy, there are many excellent choices you can make in various names and media. One of the most highly regarded of these is Fail Zero, and a Fail Zero BCG is going to deliver on multiple levels regardless of the platform you are servicing.

There are quite a few reasons that outfitting your AR build with a Fail Zero BCG is an excellent idea that will serve you well whether your gun will be used for hunting, competition, self-defense or just for fun. The first is simply that fail zero offers a wide array of bolt carrier groups compatible with multiple different platforms and calibers, such as the AR 10, AR 15 and M16. Fail Zero’s bolt carrier groups are incredibly strong and resistant to wear under heavy firing and hot, cold, or dirty and wet conditions.

Perhaps, however, the most significant value that a Fail Zero BCG brings to the rifle is in its technology. Fail Zero’s bolt carrier groups are nickel boron coated and have exceptionally high boron content which provides peerless dry lubrication and hardness. Their nickel boron coating technology guarantees uniformity and consistency in coating that is not matched elsewhere. In turn, that equates to less need for liquid lubrication which will help prevent corrosion as well as abrasion from fouling that is ensnared by it. That diminished need for liquid lubrication will help not only with cleaning but the damage that can be done by the accumulation of particulate fouling and other debris. Ultimately this boils down to reliable performance and longevity for the bolt carrier group in specific and the rifle in general.

If you needed more incentive to trust the performance and longevity of your sporting rifle to a Fail Zero BCG, there are the facts that their products are mil-spec and American made. If you don’t need additional incentive, you’ll find an excellent representation of their product catalog at White Knight Supply. What White Knight Supply can also guarantee for you is excellent pricing and free shipping on all orders, so when you’re looking for Fail Zero products and the other components and accessories you’ll be using for work on your AR platform, White Knight Supply is your chief resource. While you’re choosing the right bolt carrier group for your rifle you’ll be able to source the other necessities you need - rail accessories, stocks, magazines, slings and more. You’ll find what you’re looking for here at and can always contact the team with questions.