Check Out White Knight Supply for Keymod Accessories

Mar 3rd 2020

Check Out White Knight Supply for Keymod Accessories

For quite some time now Picatinny rails have been a near-standard when it comes to mounting accessories like optics and lights to various firearm platforms. Many rifles with dovetail rails are given a Picatinny adapter to their receiver to make it easier for their owners to mount scopes to them. Some handguns even feature short sections of Picatinny rails underneath their trigger guards for the addition of lights and lasers. It’s almost unheard of to find a sporting rifle platform that doesn’t have several Picatinny rails built right into it. This and the fact that adapters are so common is a testament to the widespread use of Picatinny rails for attaching accessories and components onto firearms.

Many sporting rifles have handguards that offer quad Picatinny rails. Picatinny rails are reliable - they provide a very sturdy, very secure surface for the mounting of many accessories. But the trust is that a quad Picatinny rail extending the length of a handguard on many sporting rifles sometimes detracts more than it gives.

Full-length Picatinny quad rails are heavy. They are also sharp and bite into your hands, and even if you don’t mind that, they present edges for gear and clothing to snag on during movement. To alleviate these concerns and present some unique advantages, the KeyMod system was developed.

Handguards with KeyMod rail systems don’t replace Picatinny rails. In fact, Picatinny adapters are very common KeyMod accessories that make a KeyMod system more practical. The KeyMod Rail system lightens the handguard and eliminates the edges of a full-length Picatinny rail. It also offers an easy solution for those looking to mount KeyMod accessories to their rails. In addition, and as stated, many KeyMod accessories are in the form of Picatinny adapters, which allows the shooter to offer only as much rail as necessary. No one uses every linear inch on every surface of a Picatinny rail - KeyMod systems allow shooters to add only as much rail surface as needed, and they’re easy to add, adjust and remove.

If you’re considering buying a sporting rifle or some other firearm with a KeyMod rail system, don’t be afraid that you’ll need to say goodbye to your favorite Picatinny accessories. Simply pick up an adapter for a KeyMod rail and you’ll be good to go - plus, you’ll only need to get a section of rail that’s just big enough for the accessories that you want to add and save the extra weight.

If you’re looking for KeyMod accessories, you’re in the right place. Right here at White Knight Supply, you’ll find all of the KeyMod accessories (and Picatinny accessories for that matter) that you could possibly need for all of your self-defense, hunting, and recreational shooting.


As we stated, one of the greatest advantages of the KeyMod system is that it doesn’t really compete with the Picatinny system, being more of an alteration of it than anything. Right here on our site, we offer many Picatinny adapters for KeyMod systems so you don’t need new accessories beyond the adapters themselves.

We offer quite a range of Picatinny adapters for KeyMod systems in a range of systems capable of handling all of your Picatinny accessories. With adapters from NCStar, Odin Works and more in sizes ranging from 3 to 12 and even more slots, we have the adapters you need to get the most utility out of your platform. Take a look through our pages to find what you need.

Optics, Lights and More

In addition to adapters that make your KeyMod handguard Picatinny compatible, we offer a range of accessories that mount directly to your KeyMod system. Take a look at our vertical grips, quick detach sling mounts, ring mounts for scopes, hand stops, light mounts and much more right here on our site. Many of our KeyMod accessories will enable you to enjoy the customizable functions of your sporting rifle without having to add the weight of a quad handguard with full-length Picatinny rails.

Frankly, whether you’ve come to White Knight Supply for our KeyMod or our Picatinny accessories, you’re in the right place. We offer one of the widest selections of shooting and sporting accessories on the internet.

In fact, we’re much more than just firearms accessories. Take a look through our accessories for outdoor pursuits and you’ll find clothing and footwear for hunting, shooting, hiking, camping and more along with knives and camping supplies. Don’t forget while you’re shopping - all orders from White Knight Supply ship for free, so if you find something you need don’t worry about paying extra for shipping. You can get all the outdoor and shooting accessories you need right from the convenience of your own home. Take a look through our site to find what you’re looking for, and if you need any help finding parts or accessories reach out to us at