The Picatinny Rail Accessories You Need Are Right Here

Apr 14th 2020

If your gun has a Picatinny rail, and if it has a rail at all it probably does, adding some Picatinny rail accessories can take your gun to a whole other level of functionality. Accessorizing a rifle or shotgun with Picatinny rail accessories can change your whole shooting experience. Considering that even many handguns feature short sections of Picatinny rail, there’s no limit to what you can do. Adding optics, grips and other accessories to your gun can make a world of difference. It might be a somewhat cumbersome metaphor, but failing to add accessories to your rail can almost turn your platform into a bare recurve bow of a gun in a world full of balanced and tuned compound bows.

Here at White Knight Supply, we’re proud to offer you the Picatinny rail accessories you need to tailor your gun to your shooting needs.

Scopes and Other Optics
Probably the most common accessory to add to a Picatinny rail, especially one that lies on top of a gun’s receiver, is a scope. Scoping a rifle has become a nearly universal alternative to the use of iron sights. While some people still prefer to shoot over open sights, a scope can make you a more effective shooter over long distances.

A scope is far from your only option for optics that can be added to a Picatinny rail, however. For many platforms like sporting rifles, tactical shotguns, and even some handguns, shooters are turning to reflex sights like red dot sights. A red dot sight can give the shooter the advantages of lessening time to target acquisition and a more situationally aware and complete sight picture. In self-defense and competitive situations this can be a real advantage. After all, you rarely see people shooting at closing ranges and in high volume with scoped rifles.

Although not really a type of optic, many shooters opt for lasers instead of scopes or red dot sights. Rail-mounted lasers free shooters from the need to line up sights or find the target through their optics - it’s much more of a point and shoot type of reflexing shooting. They’re not designed for use over long distances, but in close quarters where time is of the essence, lasers have a place.

Whether you’re looking for a scope, a red dot sight, a laser or some other optics to mount to your Picatinny rail, you can find them right here at White Knight Supply.

Rail-mounted lights are another accessory that many shooters use to make their rifles, shotgun and handguns more universally effective. In tactical and self-defense situations lights can make a serious difference in the efficacy of the platform, although some hunters add lights to their rifles and shotguns for certain nocturnal seasons (in accordance with local laws).

Right here at White Knight Supply, you can find rail-mounted lights from InForce, Streamlight, Haley, CTC and more that you can use to outfit your arms for nocturnal use.

Bipods and Adapters
For long-range shooting, a bipod can make the difference between being on target or way off the mark. Bipods almost give to the ability to bring a shooting rest with you into the field, and here at White Knight Supply, we offer bipods and bipod adapters for Picatinny rails so that you don’t need to make any compromises when you head out into the field or the range for some long-range shooting.

In the event that your rifle doesn’t have a mount for slings or bipods, we offer Picatinny compatible adapters that offer you a mounting point for a bipod you would otherwise have to go without, and that can make all of the difference in the world.

Considering slings, while they’re not quite a rail accessory in and of themselves, they certainly can make a long day of carrying a rifle or shotgun a lot more comfortable. In the same way, if your rifle or shotgun has a rail but not specific mounting points such as swivels or studs, we offer rail adapters right here on our site to make it easy for you to mount a sling.


Some people even choose to add grips to the rails under the forends of their rifles and shotguns to give them more ergonomic stability while shooting. Rail-mounted grips give the shooter a lot more dexterity and the ability to customize the gun to fit their dimensions better. Some models even fold when not in use, making them similar in utility to a folding stock.

Whether you’re looking for optics, adapters, grips or some other Picatinny rail accessories, you can find what you’re looking for here on our site. Take a look through our pages of rail accessories and don’t leave that extra functionality on the table. And while you’re shopping don’t forget - all orders ship free from White Knight Supply.