Enhance Your SKS with an SKS Tactical Stock

Feb 5th 2020

If you are the proud owner of an any SKS rifle, whether its some older model or one of the more recently produced versions, you are part of a legacy of rifle owners who refuse to let a beautiful piece of history go defunct. Modern shooters have as many reasons under the sun as you could think of why the SKS rifle should be laid to rest. It has been said that SKS rifles are heavy, that some of them give you too much recoil, and that they are too difficult to clean. Some even say that SKS rifles, especially since they are predominantly chambered in 7.62X39, do not offer enough stopping power. While an SKS owner could rebuff any of these arguments, and with validity, it would just be easier to rest back on the fact that SKS rifles are still widely popular. That in and of itself should silence the naysayers.

But if not, let it be said that the SKS rifle has been a favorite with historical arms collectors, competitive shooters and hunters around the world for the better part of the last century. After the first problems the original rifles faced with excessive weight and recoil were addressed, the rifle took off in popularity.

Why Is the SKS So Popular?
The popularity of SKS rifles, from older models to the modern reproductions cannot be underscored enough. They are so widespread that even many without astute historical acumen or shooting experience have heard of the SKS. But why?

The first of many reasons why the SKS has been around for so long and refuses to wane is the basic platform of the rifle. Overall, the SKS is built on good bones, with a reliable action and typically with the ability to mount slings or bayonets to increase the allure of the gun. The mag is easily reloaded with a clip and the semi-automatic action is reliable. It offers quick follow up shots and less hang time between them. The entire rifle also tends to be on the heavier side. While to some this means more fatigue if carrying the gun over many miles in the country, it also means that the gun will be less prone to drifting and muzzle rise when firing. It also helps to cut down on recoil. All of these things help to engender the shooter’s aim with a higher degree of accuracy.

The 7.62x39mm cartridge, which also helped to cut down on recoil, is another thing that so many shooters love about the SKS rifle. The first reason is that it offers similar, though not identical, ballistic performance to other popular cartridges, especially for hunting. Discourse could be strained elaborating the details, but let it suffice to say that many deer and other game animals have fallen to hunters behind a 7.62x39mm shooting SKS over the decades.

Even if you aren’t in love with the game taking capabilities of the 7.62x39mm cartridge, many shooters are in love with the fact that the ammo is easy to find and significantly cheaper than many other popular cartridges. Take for example the 5.56 NATO round. Not to suggest that they are similar cartridges in their performance, but they are both very popular rounds developed for military applications and thus fairly easily accessible in bulk at low cost. Even so, the cost of 5.56 NATO tends to be much higher per unit than what you can find in 7.62x39mm. The same holds true for many other cartridges by comparison. The affordability wide accessibility is something that all shooters of SKS rifles can appreciate, even if some don’t like how prone the rifles are to the accumulation of fouling. At the very least, it isn’t a smokepole.

There’s also the fact that for military collectors, SKS rifles are an icon. Standard issue through the Russian Army for a long time, SKS rifles saw plenty of action across many conflicts. With the wood stocks with which they are almost universally outfitted, they’re also very handsome to behold, with or without the historical appreciation.

Considering the reliable action and solid platform on which the rifle is built, it has become very popular with hunters and target shooters. The fact that it has been designed so well and little has changed in nearly a hundred years might make it even more beloved. As they say, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. That probably echoes the sentiment of many SKS owners all around.

So, for better or for worse, the SKS rifle is here to stay, and you’re at this point you probably agree. You love your SKS rifle, but with all the benefits outlined here, you can still make it a superior piece of equipment with any of a few minor alterations. One of these is to outfit it with an SKS tactical stock. You may love the look, feel and weight of your wood stock, but if we’re going to bring this down to terms of pure efficacy, there are quite a few benefits you’ll reap when you upgrade to a tactical stock for your SKS, and the best part is this isn’t a one size fits all approach. If you want an SKS tactical stock, there are many directions you could go with what features you desire. Here are some improvements you’ll notice right away.

An SKS Tactical Stock Will Fit the Shooter Better
This one can hardly be argued any other way unless the wood stock that came with your rifle just happens to fit you perfectly, which would merely be the product of chance. When you outfit your rifle, or any rifle, with a tactical stock, you can tailor the stock to fit your needs. You don’t even need adjustability in the stock, although that can easily be found in most tactical models. Just by shopping for a new stock you can fit the stock you buy to your dimensions and length of pull.

But one of the best things about pairing your SKS rifle with a new tactical stock is the fact that you will have adjustability and modularity to varying degrees, and all of those things offer a better shooting experience in terms of accuracy, comfort and what other accessories you can match to your rifle. Do your homework to find an SKS tactical stock that fits your rifle and you could find such desirable features as a collapsible stock, Picatinny rail or pistol grip.

Consider any of the following situations before you even investigate a specific model of tactical stock to fit to your rifle. Say you are a competitive shooter. If you find a stock that fits you better, you’ll find the trigger more readily, you could have the proper comb height and the right length of pull. The gun will probably also balance better, and your grip on the forend could even be increased. If you happen to use your SKS in a competition where reflex shooting is required (not common, but you might) you’ll need a gun that mounts quickly and finds you with a minimum of effort and hopefully no repositioning. You’ll save time mounting and aiming. You’ll save time between shots or between targets or even points on the target. That, and the rifle will point more naturally if it fits you better. These are only a very few of the benefits you might reap as a competitive shooter if you pick the right tactical stock, but they all amount to greater accuracy, and overall increase your efficacy behind the gun.

If you’re a hunter that better fit will correspond to a higher concentration of ethical shots, more clean kills and more confidence with the rifle. These benefits can be transferred to and from the field to the range.

Get an SKS tactical stock and you’ll be able to have more or less control over the cheekrest and the length of pull with an adjustable or multi-position stock. If you prefer the feel and fit of a pistol grip you can find that in many models as well. You’ll also be able to find a higher degree of modularity in most tactical stocks that you won’t find elsewhere. If this means you need Picatinny or other rails to mounting lights or even a scope to your rifle to circumvent the traditional iron sights, you can have that in most tactical models. All that’s great - but that’s only one portion of the benefit to an SKS.

Tactical Polymers Are Superior to Wood
There, it’s been said, and it had to be said. No one will argue that nothing is quite like wood, and that’s true. Nothing is quite like wood. Wood is beautiful, and wood is strong, sometimes even stronger than tactical synthetics. Wood feels good in the hand. Sometimes wood even adds much-needed weight to a rifle platform to help control recoil and give the rifle some stability. All these things are true.

However, strong as it is, wood sometimes breaks. Wood absorbs moisture, which causes it to grow and shrink and warp. That warping puts forces on the rest of the rifle that can affect the point of impact or the performance of the rifle. When you are using your rifle for anything practical, which is all the time whether you’re hunting or competition, that rifle is outside. Outside in the world, there is humidity, and the stock of the rifle will swell and warp which will affect your accuracy. Even if you are shooting at ranges where you won’t be able to detect a difference it’s still a categorical drawback. Even if it wasn’t affecting accuracy that swelling or distortion can strain the rifle.

There’s a much more significant drawback to a wood stock, though it also has to do with wood’s tendency to absorb water. That water could cause the stock to rot or the barrel to rust at points of contact. Even worse, a criticism of the 7.62x34mm cartridge is that many factory loads are corrosive and produce excessive fouling. When you introduce water to the salts in fouling, you have absolute mayhem for a gun. Anywhere even a spot of fouling is left on the gun, the steel will flash rust which will in only a short time result in total loss of functionality. Now, removing your wood stock and adding an SKS tactical stock will not liberate you from the need to diligently clean your rifle, far from it. It’s just that it will be easier to clean the stock and prevent moisture from being trapped inside the gun or between the stock and the action and barrel. That means ease of cleaning for you and extra life for your gun.

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